About AFH

About AFH Bournemouth Locksmith

Bournemouth LocksmithAFH Bournemouth Locksmith is a small local business run by a team consisting of trained office representatives and experienced locksmiths who both work 24/7 365 days of  the year to provide a comprehensive locksmith service for if and when you need it. When you call us you’ll be greeted by our trained office team. Who will listen to your problems and make sure you get the service that’s right for your problem. Then will then go on to book in an appointment to suit your schedule.

Or alternatively if you need someone right away then. We can send you someone right away and get to you in no time at all. Our office  team also provide 24/7 tech support. They do this by overseeing active jobs and also providing information to those who would just like to know more about what we do or how we run our business. When our friendly office team take your calls it’s up to them to make sure you  get a locksmith out at the right time for you and to make sure that locksmith knows as much about your locks as they possibly can before they get out to you.

When jobs are passed from our office to our locksmith team. Who are now loaded with information about your problems. And your locks only then can a locksmith get out to you or set an appointment to see you. We also agree a price on the phone with customers. So all that is left to do is go and fix whatever locksmith problem you might be having. AFH Bournemouth Locksmith has over 15 years experience which means you can trust us to with all your lock  troubles and expect a great finish to all jobs.

What Makes Us Different To Other Locksmiths..

Keyless lock made by yale the latest in home security technologyWe here at AFH think what really sets us apart from different locksmith businesses in the area and in general is our willingness to help our customers even if they aren’t paying customers. This is thanks to our fantastic office team. Who are trained and polite and let the locksmiths get on with doing their job. This also means that when we send a locksmith to your house there won’t be any distractions.

Whilst also giving us a chance to educate and really speak to people like people, not as customers. AFH are proud to be leading a fight against bad customer service and shoddy workmanship. That’s exactly the reason AFH offer a 12 month warranty on all work and parts when you choose us to complete you locksmith tasks. Whether at your home or at yoyr place of work AFH has the lockmsith service to solve any issue you might be experiencing. Call and speak to the team today!

Here For You When You Need Us Most

Bournemouth LocksmithAFH Bournemouth Locksmith expects to be around for longer than 5  minutes in this business that’s why we ensure that the customer is always  happy with the price before taking on a job. To make the deal extra sweet we don’t even charge call out fees and  what’s more is that we don’t charge VAT either.

This is to ensure that there is never any nasty surprises when it comes to time to pay the bill. AFH Bournemouth Locksmith know by ensuring we keep as many customers happy as we possibly can that business will never be slow because our customers won’t be afraid to recommend us to their friends, family, or  loved ones.

Join the hundreds of new homes and businesses trusting AFH Bournemouth Locksmith. When they’re in the need of locksmith services fast or at a time to suit them. We have availability from now and can be with you as late or as early as you need us to be. Call today and speak to our  team and let’s see if we can’t resolve your lock issues today!

Call today and you won’t pay any call out charges and we won’t make you pay any VAT either, just a thank you from us for choosing AFH Bournemouth Locksmith.

Our Team Here AT AFH

about usOur team here at AFH are fantastic. Running day in and day out like a well oiled machine, here for you when whoever needs us any time any day. Whether rain or shine you can guarantee that AFH will be around when you call us. With no call out fees, no VAT and competitive rates on our services. AFH provide cover all across the Bournemouth and surrounding area. As well as 24/7 technical support provided by our office team. We also supply the most experienced and professional locksmith services available. With just one phone call we can get to you in absolutely no time at all. And then go on to fix whatever lock issues you might be experiencing.

Whether you’re in an emergency or whether you just need some basic lock maintenance. We’ll be here for you to provide information and comprehensive locksmith services. Both commercial and residential throughout the Bournemouth area whether at home or at work we have you covered. Don’t pay over the odds for locksmith services or parts. Come direct to AFH and see how we’re able to blow the competition away.